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Credit Card Chargeback Monitoring Programs

To ensure their own success and profitability, credit card companies are very careful about how they allow merchants to use their brands. Each credit card company has a set of rules and regulations that merchants must comply with in order to accept their...

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Understanding Chargeback Reason Codes

Credit card chargeback reason codes are part of doing business. Merchants need to understand what these reason codes are, what they mean, and the impacts of these codes. The underlying problem with chargeback reason codes, however, is their level of...

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How to Use TC40 Data

Merchants have access to a seemingly unlimited amount of data. This data includes customer details, purchase history, risky accounts, your sales numbers, and more. While this data can be valuable, its value is lost when merchants don’t know how best to use...

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Understanding Tokenization and Fraud Prevention

It’s October and this means one thing: the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. For merchants this is a season of mixed blessings: peak sales bring with them peak fraud risk. The frequency of merchant security hacks at this time of the year is in...

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Finding the Right Chargeback Prevention Strategy

Merchants walk a fine line with their chargeback fraud prevention strategy. Too strict and the false positive rate can do as much harm as chargeback fraud. Too lenient and the merchant is a target for savvy fraudsters. The solution lies in finding that...

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AVS and Chargeback Fraud

Fighting and preventing chargeback fraud is top-of-mind for merchants, credit card associations, issuing banks, and acquirers. In other words, everyone involved in the business of buying and selling wants to make sure that chargeback fraud is not hurting...

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Guide to Chargeback Fraud Prevention

Customer data security is a vital concern for merchants, customers, issuers, and acquirers. The more threats and security breaches there are, the more challenging it is to convince customers that it is safe for them to provide their credit card data online...

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How to Prepare for a Chargeback Representment

It’s important that all merchants know how to properly prepare for a chargeback representment case. Many merchants believe that fighting a chargeback dispute is a lost effort; however, this is simply not the case. The key to preparing for a chargeback...

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Digging into the Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program

Gone are the days of cash being king—now customers want to pay with their credit cards. In fact, the number of people paying with credit cards continues to increase year-over-year. A 2016 survey by TSYS of a 1,000-person survey found 40% of shoppers prefer...

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Online Payment Fraud Protection

Mobile and online sales are here to stay, and this is a good thing for merchants and consumers. What was once an add-on to traditional sales models is now the de facto standard, making the online store the first store of choice for most shoppers. For...

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