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Chargeback Disputes and Your Business

Chargebacks are going to happen. There is no getting around this hard reality of running a business; however, it’s how you respond to chargebacks that can really impact your business. Other companies might tell you that all chargebacks can be avoided—this simply isn’t...

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The Realities of Credit Card Chargebacks

Within minutes, we can search online, find the product we want, buy it and have it delivered the same or next day. Merchants have an instant customer base and can easily set up a website and integrated payment solution to sell goods and services anywhere at any time....

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Visa Chargebacks and Your Business

As a merchant, your customers are your top priority. This means you work hard to answer their questions, provide them with products and services that they want, and support their buying and shopping demands. This drive to meet the needs of consumers has contributed to...

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The Facts on Chargeback Fraud

You’ve read about it. You’ve stressed about it. You’ve discussed it with your colleagues. You’ve worried about your issuers and how it impacts your relationship with them. It’s the elephant in the room. You don’t want to have to think and talk about it, but it can’t...

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Credit Card Chargebacks and Your Business

Chargeback management for card-not-present (CNP) payments has always been critical. But in an era of increasing fraud and chargebacks, it is more crucial than ever for card issuers and merchants to collaborate to reduce CNP risk. Issuers and merchants face increased...

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Learning About PayPal Chargebacks

Ah chargebacks…. You’re doing your best to deal with them but some days it seems as though you’re losing the battle against the time, resources, people, fees, and lost revenue that these chargebacks are costing you. As a card-not-present merchant, you do a lot of...

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Merchant Services and Your Business Success

Today’s business world is not what it was five or even 10 years ago. We’ve seen a dramatic shift in how, when, and where business is done and we’ve also seen a change in what products and services are sold and why. Ten years ago, most of us likely wouldn’t have...

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What is the True Cost of Chargebacks?

Would it frustrate you if we told you that the true cost of chargebacks is impossible to quantify? Yes, we can tell you that for $100 dollars in chargebacks, the true cost to you is $240 dollars. But this doesn’t really tell you the entire story about chargebacks and...

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