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Finding the Ideal Chargeback Protection Balance

We are in an age of being able to constantly connect, communicate, and work—at any time and anywhere. This has resulted in too many people spending too much time working and not enough time balancing out their lives. Admittedly, it’s a fine line and one...

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Understanding the Global Fraud Market

There is no denying that the future of sales is in e-commerce. Recent research estimates that by 2019, the global e-commerce market will be worth $2.4 trillion. This is both an exciting and formidable number. The opportunities for growth are tremendous,...

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Digging Deep into E-commerce Fraud

The business of buying and selling online is moving at an incredibly fast pace. This pace requires merchants, issuers, acquirers, third-party technology companies, and customers to be ready for and accept change. Change is not always something welcomed in...

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Taking the Friendly Out of Fraud

Let’s get straight to the core of the matter and state it outright: there is nothing friendly about friendly fraud. Friendly fraud is fraud—plain and simple. Yes, there are customers who make mistakes and inadvertently file an invalid chargeback, but this...

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Making Your Chargeback Data Work For You

Making Your Chargeback Data Work For You Your business and, frankly, your livelihood depends on data. You’re tracking your sales numbers, your fixed and variable costs, the number of active employees you have, the amount of time your customer service team...

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Chargebacks Glossary of Terms

The payments industry is packed with jargon and confusing terminology. Not understanding the keys to the industry language can have severe and often negative consequences. The information you need is available and it’s important to research, ask questions, and learn...

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Brushing Up on Merchant Chargebacks

As a merchant, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Along with managing employees, maintaining a social media presence, and staying on top of your products/services, you also need to protect your business from threats. These threats come in many ways, but one that is often...

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Chargeback Disputes and Your Business

Chargebacks are going to happen. There is no getting around this hard reality of running a business; however, it’s how you respond to chargebacks that can really impact your business. Other companies might tell you that all chargebacks can be avoided—this simply isn’t...

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The Realities of Credit Card Chargebacks

Within minutes, we can search online, find the product we want, buy it and have it delivered the same or next day. Merchants have an instant customer base and can easily set up a website and integrated payment solution to sell goods and services anywhere at any time....

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Visa Chargebacks and Your Business

As a merchant, your customers are your top priority. This means you work hard to answer their questions, provide them with products and services that they want, and support their buying and shopping demands. This drive to meet the needs of consumers has contributed to...

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