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How Chargebacks Impact Your Business

Chargebacks hurt all merchants regardless of size or financial status. Chargebacks drain your profits, eat into time that should be spent building your business, and waste resources. All of which cumulates in distracting you from growing your business.

Chargeback fines and fees can cost you up to thousands or even millions every month

Every dollar lost to chargeback fraud actually costs you $2.40. This means your actual loss is double what you expect. These costs add up when you consider the time, energy, resources, and lost revenue that come with every single chargeback. This is why you need to understand your chargeback ratio.

Threatens your ability to process payments

86% of the time customers will contact their bank instead of contacting you to initiate a chargeback. When customers skip you and go straight to their bank, your chargeback chargeback ratio suffers and ultimately threatens your ability to process payments. A good chargeback rate threshold is between 1% – 1.5%. The big question to ask yourself is: what is my chargeback ratio? Use our free chargeback ratio assessment tool to find out your numbers.

Strains your time and resources driving up unnecessary costs

The operational costs of managing chargebacks are not trivial. Consider that the cost of fighting and recovering from chargebacks can cost your business between 13% – 20%. This is a cost that most merchants simply cannot ignore. Learn how we can help you reduce this financial strain and help put more money in your pocket.

Fix the Entire Chargeback Process

You can’t effectively solve chargebacks with a single point solution. The solution requires an integrated approach that focuses on preventing chargebacks on the front-end and on the back-end recovering lost profits from unavoidable chargebacks.


Prevent Chargebacks Before They Happen

Front-end protection is your first line of defense. With an immediate notification that a chargeback has been initiated you have the opportunity to act fast to resolve the case before it becomes a chargeback. Put a stop to costly chargebacks and put more money back in your pocket. When it comes to chargebacks, knowledge is power – the sooner you know the faster and better you can respond.


Recover Profits Lost To Chargebacks

Back-end protection brings chargeback protection full circle. Fighting chargebacks on the back end allows you to be even more proactive and recover profits that were lost to unwarranted chargebacks. Thanks to a powerful solution that collects the data you need to make your chargeback defense, you can recover lost revenue and protect your bottom-line. Stand up and fight for what is yours.

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A complete end-to-end chargeback management approach is the best method in protecting your payments from start to finish. From chargeback prevention through to representment and recovery, provides comprehensive protection across the entire payments lifecycle. We’ve got your back when it comes to chargebacks.

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