Learn how an end-to-end chargeback management platform is the best method for protecting your payments from start to finish against chargebacks. From chargeback prevention all the way to representment and recovery, provides comprehensive protection across the entire payments lifecycle.

How Chargebacks Affect Merchants

Chargeback disputes negatively impact merchants and a number of ways. Learn the true cost of chargebacks and see how imperative it is that you protect your payments from chargebacks.

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Merchants Need to Fight Friendly Fraud

Fighting friendly fraud is expensive and time consuming and the outcome is never guaranteed. See how improving your operational processes and tools can help you fight chargebacks and improve your win rate.

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The Hidden Cost of Chargebacks

Chargebacks are expensive and not all the costs are obvious. Get the facts on how chargebacks function and how detailed transaction records can be effective in the fight against friendly fraud.

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How to Avoid Friendly Fraud

Both accidental and “I didn’t do it” friendly fraud cost merchants millions. Get these top tips to avoid friendly fraud and protect your bottom line.

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Chargeback Representment Myths

Representing chargebacks can be a daunting task for merchants. Check out these common myths on chargebacks and the representment process, and the realities to help you fight and win.

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