What are the managed service or self service setup options for Chargebacks.com?

Chargebacks.com can be configured as either a managed service or self-service.

Managed Service – typically a turnkey managed service. Third-party service provider matches chargeback cases and initiates refunds on behalf of the merchant – saving time, resources and money. The chargeback service provider will likely offer the choice of integration or portal usage. With integration, merchants can submit payments through a payment gateway or upload past payments processed. Portal options allow the service provider to access the merchant’s CRM system to provide credits.

Self-Service Portal –this option offers quick setup and no integration requirements. Merchants receive real-time email alerts to notify them that a chargeback case has been initiated on the Merchant Portal and can take action immediately.

Set-up is easy and typically only requires logging into a user account, entering merchant name/merchant category code and adding billing descriptors.